Posted by: hobbesonafob | June 9, 2009

Dynamics between insurgents and populations…

Due to looming deadlines, I will only be able to offer a superficial analysis of the following two articles – by superficial I mean that I’ll just be posting the links. Once I begin studying organic defence forces this fall, I’ll be able to post something with some more depth. That being said, please free to post your thoughts on the subject.

Link #1:

This is an interesting development in the Upper Dir district in northern Pakistan. “Tribesmen” (however you would like to define that term) have begun fighting the Taliban (however you would like to define that group). According to this article, the fighting came shortly after a suicide bombing at a mosque. 

Link #2:

In Somalia the desecration and destruction of Sufi grave sites (I assume also they also play a role as shrines) has resulted in anger from the Sufi community. One of my favourite quotes from the article demonstrates the idea that al Shabab is espousing a form of Islam that is alien to communities in Somalia:

These people [he avoids mentioning al-Shabab by name] cannot teach us about Islam. Islam reached Brave and all the coastal areas when the religion arrived in East Africa 1,250 to 1,300 years ago.

“These radical groups shed Muslim blood every day and they dig out and desecrate our graves. They are funded from outside and their Wahhabi ideology is foreign and must be dealt with,” says the group’s spokesman Abdirasak Mohamed Al Ash’ari.

All interesting and both articles have implications for COIN strategies…


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